Butler County Bassmasters

Est. 1988

Butler County Bassmasters

Welcome to Butler County Bassmasters. We are a tournament trail based out of Morgantown, KY. We pride ourselves on being a very versitile trail, fishing several different bodies of water in Western and South Central Kentucky.


Butler County Bassmasters was founded in 1988 when several men in Aberdeen Baptist Church got together and decided to put together a bass club. In the early tournaments, they would meet at the church with their two man boats and jon boats and take off from there. Strip pits and Mud and Green Rivers in the county were the main tournament sites.

Since then, the trail has grown. The boats have gotten bigger and so has the water. Butler County Bassmasters now fishes all over Western and South Central Kentucky. We try to fish a good mix of rivers and different types of lakes to help our competitors become the best all around anglers possible.

 This trail is not for everybody. If you want to focus on one body of water, it ain't for you. But if you want to test yourself against different conditions on very different bodies of water, this is the place. Drop us a line if you want info on new membership.


Danny Cardwell: Email- [email protected] Phone- (270)999-0232

Daniel Cardwell: Email- [email protected] Phone- (270)999-1994

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