Butler County Bassmasters

Est. 1988

Tournament Rules

1.  Butler County Bassmasters membership may be subject to approval.
2. There will be a $10 membership fee per person. Tournament entry fee will be $40 per boat per tournament fished unless noted otherwise.

3. KDFWR rules and regulations apply on all bodies of water. With special size limit exceptions noted.

4. Starting position determined by blind draw 15 min prior to start of tournament. Teams showing up late to drawing will receive next open spot. No swapping of starting positions. Teams wishing to start last should request this before drawing. All boats must be in the water prior to take off.

5. There will be a livewell check at the start of each tournament. No poles over 8ft and no live bait allowed. No trolling.

6. Five (5) fish limit per boat per tournament. All culling must be done prior to trailering boat. Any team bringing more than five (5) fish to the weigh scale, will have largest fish in creel diqualified. 

7. There will be a .50 lb. deduction accessed per dead fish. This will be determined by weigh master at scales. Dead fish will not be eligible for Big Fish Award.

8. Any fish deemed to be mutilated, mashed, or altered will be weighed at discretion of the weigh master.

9. When angler turns in fish to weigh master, they become the property of Butler County Bassmasters. The angler(s) will not be allowed to handle the fish or assist in the weigh in process. Weigh master decisions are final.

10. Tournament times and locations posted will be followed unless changed due to unsafe or emergency conditions at the discretion of BCB. Barren River Lake will be the sight of the first tournament rescheduled.

 11. Boats showing up late to weigh-in WILL BE DISQUALIFIED, with the exception of extra ordinary circumstances determined by the teams at the weigh-in

12. All fish will be released to water caught in except trophy fish.

13. There will be a Big Bass Pot for each tournament determined by number of boats.  The team with the overall biggest bass at the end of the season will be awarded 10 bonus points.

14. Points leaders at the end of the season will receive a cash award and plaques. In the event of a tie, the team with the most wins for the year will be awarded Team Champions. Second tie breaker will be based on total weight for the year.

15. Plaques and remaining money will go to Classic. In the event of a tie in the Classic, 1st and 2nd place money will be divided between both teams and plaques will be awarded to team who finished with the highest point total for the year.

16. You must fish 5 Team Trail tournaments to qualify for Classic and Team Champs. One (1) Open tournament win may count as a Team Trail tournament fished.

17. Top seven point totals and tournament winners will qualify for Classic. Any team that fishes all 8 Team Trail tournaments will also qualify for Classic. The Classic will include Open tournament winners for 2019, as long as they pay membership fees BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN WON TOURNAMENT and meet Team Trail tournaments qualification criteria (5 Team Trail events fished). An Open tournament WIN will count toward your 5 Team Trail tournaments fished.

18. Previous year’s Classic Champions are given automatic entry into the next year’s Classic, so long as they meet 5 Team Trail tournaments fished qualification criteria.

19. Classic location will be determined by blind draw from the fisheries fished during the season, with exception to Peabody WMA.

20. No more than two people per boat. Anglers cannot leave tournament site and return to participate in weigh-in. Anglers must remain in boat during tournament, with the exception of a “call of nature” or emergency circumstances.

21. Any team that pays entry fee will receive “show up” points.  (50) 

22. Each team may choose one (1) alternate angler to be used during the season that is not a regular club member in good standing. Alternate must be declared upon first tournament fished. Membership rules apply to alternate same as regular team members and must be approved prior to tournament by a majority of club members and tournament committee. 

23. The weigh master will be responsible for the weighing of all fish. The weigh master and at least one other officer must be present before weigh-in can officially starts.

24.  Anglers should have a U.S.C.G. approved life jacket on and fastened anytime the outboard engine is in gear. Driver should have kill switch attached to their jacket.

25. SPORTSMANSHIP- Competitors in tournaments are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principals may be deemed cause for disqualification. Upon first offense for unsportsmanlike conduct, a verbal reprimand may be assessed. Upon second offense, the penalty will be expulsion from Butler County Bassmasters. Alcohol or narcotic use or possession by any competitor during the tournament or weigh-in will not be tolerated and shall be cause for immediate disqualification and/or expulsion from Butler County Bassmasters events.

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